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October 4th & 18th

It's so much more than a headshot,

It's your first impression, and it shouldn't be taken lightly.


And I know you're busy,

So we've created mini branding/headshot sessions that are short & sweet!

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I know what a great professional image can do for your business, and I am here to make the process fun and easy!

I have fallen in LOVE with personal branding photography and helping fellow entrepreneurs show up intentionally online. I see the way having on-brand photos helps them show up, be more confident in their business, and helps them attract their DREAM clients! Seeing how quickly branding photography can elevate & skyrocket the success of a small business or brand is so rewarding. The power of intentional branding photos is usually underestimated, but it's truly the fastest way to elevate your online presence, and I want help you do just that. 

I am here to collaborate with you, get to know you and your unique brand, and provide you with photos that tell your story so you can stand out!

I would love to meet you, and create some AMAZING and fun headshots! 


The Details

Mini Branding Day Package - $475

(professional hair & makeup available)

  • Planning call & shoot prep prior to your shoot

  • About 30 minutes shooting time

  • Up to 10 fully retouched final images.

  • 1-2 looks/outfits, with variety in posing and props

  • Proof Gallery within 48 hours

  • Finished gallery within 1 week of your session

How Can I Book?

Booking is easy! Just go to the button(s) below, and you can get booked into my calendar for a phone call, OR you can fill out the inquiry form and we will go from there!

If you are looking for a more inclusive package (such as a full branding experience or quarterly shoots) we can discuss that as well. You can browse our full branding offerings HERE. 

When will I get my photos? 

You will first receive a proof gallery within 48 hours, where you will choose your favorite images to be retouched. You will then receive a downloadable link to your final gallery within 1 week, with access to the high resolution & web-sized images.

How do I prepare for a shoot?


Not sure what to wear? Or would you like a breakdown of the process? No problem! I have a comprehensive "branding client guide," outlining the process and step-by-step tips for a successfu shoot. I share wardrobe advice, tips on using your final images, how to use your photos, etc. Plus, we will have a phone call to cover any and all questions ahead of time. I've got you covered!

"Thank you so much, I love my headshots! I look forward to working with you again, you made it so easy. I had such an amazing experience!"



"I am a really hard to please person when it comes to pictures of myself (as a lot of us women are), and I love every single one! And thank you for making my skin look so good!"



I never thought I would actually have fun getting headshots done! And I also never though “headshots” could be so creative and stylish! I really wanted something more than just a boring standard photo of my face and shoulders. I am LOVING the variety, but I can’t choose which one is my favorite!


Kind Words

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