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Beautiful Leela! Denton Newborn Photographer

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I was tickled to pieces when this angel's mama contacted me for a newborn session. Mommy and I were old dental hygiene school friends, and it was SO amazing to catch up and spend time together after all this time!

Leela was an absolute doll. She slept the ENTIRE time (which makes my job easy), and we were done in record time! An hour and a half! I could have snuggled her all day.

Mama had some awesome ideas for incorporating their Indian culture, which I had a blast with! Her AMAZING wedding sari was used in some of the photos; look at the detail work in the stitching! What a beautiful piece! This was definitely one of my favorite newborn sessions! Mom and Dad ordered FOUR canvases for their home! I can't wait to get them hung up on their walls!

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