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DIY Hand Painted Backdrop - From Blank Canvas, To Fine Art Images

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Many of the backdrops used in the studio are one-of-a-kind canvas paintings that have been hand-painted, to obtain a specific look for our images. There is a certain color scheme that correlates with the brand and style of the studio, and so many of the backdrops that we've purchased just don't give the look we want. What I LOVE about this most is the deep matte tone of the paint. So many backdrops give off a very reflective sheen, or have a sort of "80's glamour" texture to them. Sometimes, all it takes is a specific idea, and a little bit of TLC!! All items can be purchased at Home Depot, and even Wal Mart, although I ordered most items online to save a couple of trips.

Supplies used:

* 1.5 quarts of deep gray chalk paint

* 6ft. x 9ft. canvas roll. You can also use painter's canvas (used by professional painters to protect floors; found at home depot).

* A paint roller, and paint pan.


All I did (as you can see in the video) was lay out the canvas over the plastic (to protect the flooring), and rolled the chalk paint directly onto the canvas. Chalk paint is extremely quick to dry, so after finishing the first layer, I was able to immediately paint a second layer. It was ready to go immediately!

I plan to create many more like this, with different colors and textures. Have fun with your own DIY painted backdrops!

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