Repurposing A Vintage Camera

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

During the process of designing my studio, I knew I wanted to have some things that are truly unique, and fit my brand. I can usually envision what I want, get ideas and inspiration, and then create exactly what I envisioned! I get these ideas that just won’t stop pestering me until I try them... and sometimes they work out OK, and sometimes it’s a massive fail. This time it wasn’t so bad! And it was pretty easy!

Here’s how I did it!

1. I went to this cool camera shop, right off the Denton square. They have tons of camera gear, vintage cameras, backdrops, stands, lights, etc. It’s such a cool shop, and I’ve been visiting this place for over 5 years. I picked up two old cameras that had some unique features. Total, I spent about 45 dollars on the pair.

2. I stopped by my favorite coffee shop. Then I came home and unpacked the cameras and left them on my office shelf for over a month! HAHA

3. After some chaos finally died down and I had time for my little project, I pulled them out and cleaned off some dust. I used some paint that I already had on hand, but E

1. I went to to a cool local camera shop (Denton Camera Exchange) and picked up some vintage looking cameras. The set I bought was about $45 total. I priced them on eBay, and they are much more expensive. I love the look of the original cameras.... but I just had to play around with them!

2. Pick your colors! I love matte black and gold, but any matte colored paint (ideally chalk paint) will work nicely. I also considered spray painting them matte white! Spray painting will save you a lot of time, but you won’t get the two-toned look that I have.

3. Paint away! I was surprised how long this took, but it was highly detailed. I painted all of the plastic parts matte black, and all of the metal parts gold. I used tiny brushes for the details. It will take two coats of paint.

4. Admire your cool finished product!! These are on display at the studio!! I love them!

If I were to do this again, I would spray paint them completely matte black, and then go over the gold with a fine paintbrush. The detail took a long time. Time is not typically something I can spare, but during this project, we were quarantined during the pandemic outbreak. See you on the flip side of quarantine!

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