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Celebrating Your Milestones & Awards! - DFW Personal Branding Photographer

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Have I mentioned how much I've fallen in love with branding shoots? Especially when I get to see the same clients every quarter!

Kristin is a hard-working mom/entrepreneur/leader/top-earner/motivator... and she recently hit some incredible milestones in her company. Even as one of the highest earners, she's shooting for the next tier (which means another fancy trophy)! You go girl!

If you've recently reached a goal or milestone in your business, it's the perfect time to have a branding shoot! Announcing your achievements is exciting, and should not be overlooked! I've had several business owners/entrepreneurs come to me in the last several months for this very reason.

"I am going to be honored for my work in my department, and I need a fun new headshot!" -UNT Professor

"I just got promoted, and my headshots are old and boring... I need something fresh and fun to be featured on the company's main LinkedIn photo." -Regional VP - B! Inspired

"I've created a full-time income with my side-hustle in a year; it's time for me to finally put myself out there and officially introduce myself." Reina - Graphic Designer

I can't wait to share more from Kristin's shoot. She is one of my quarterly clients, so I get to see her every few months, and watch her growth throughout the year!

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