Floral Hoop Photo Shoot - DFW Child Photographer

Updated: Nov 21

Spring is my FAVORITE season! It is so beautiful for photographing children and families outdoors, and I just can't get enough. So when Spring comes to an end, I'm a little bit disappointed... but I will do anything to keep it going as long as possible! Including hand-crafting my own Spring-themed props, that we can use throughout the year!

I created this GORGEOUS floral hoop to use during any season of the year, whether we are in-studio or outdoors. We shot this session in the middle of Summer, and you would never know it! A little bit of Photoshop (to add in some flowers, and put a little bit of green back into the dead grass) makes all the difference! I will share a photo shoot with the floral hoop in-studio. It's STUNNING against a bright white, or even a deep black backdrop.

The outdoor floral hoop photo shoots are a huge hit! They are most popular during Spring, but we can use this prop for sessions all year long. This specific shoot was a "mini session," and we produced a 12-image portfolio box, with all of the gorgeous matted prints on the reveal wall. Most clients choose to take home an album or portfolio box, to keep all of their favorite images. After the shoot, the images are edited, printed, and displayed on the reveal wall, where clients can view and purchase their collection!

When sweet Kate came to the studio, she was wearing a darling twirly dress, and we fixed up her hair and spoiled her just enough before the shoot! She felt like a princess, and loved every moment of the process. Then we headed out to a pretty field right at sunset, and finished up the shoot in about 30 minutes! She was very spunky, sweet, and so very good in front of the camera!

The best part is that she had a GREAT time, and loved her final images! I can't wait to have her back again!

To schedule your own floral hoop photo shoot, visit the "contact" page, and we will connect!