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Headshots & Branding- 4 Types of Images Every Personal Brand Needs!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

It's so much more than just a headshot. Branding sessions showcase YOU, your style, your personality, etc. After our planning call or meeting, I have a clear understanding of the direction and feel of the session. I always prepare a shot list & prop list so that our shoot will be as successful and as stress-free as possible.

You may be more drawn to different types of images, which is helpful when planning your session. Or you may not know what options are available because you've never experienced this type of shoot. Taking advantage of multiple types of photography in your marketing is so powerful to create content that can be repurposed and used across platforms.

So let's check out what we shoot during a typical brand shoot!

1. Contemporary Headshots

In the modern world of photography, "headshot" is becoming a looser term, and less descriptive of those boring shoulder-up headshots (but sometimes it's what you need.... for a passport for example). The modern headshots that we will photograph are meant to show some personality and stand out. The goal is to create a connection with your audience, while maintaining a professional look. It's important to have eye contact and a welcoming smile in some of your headshots, to show confidence and relatability. These are perfect for your main profile pictures, ads, email marketing, print ads, etc.

2. Lifestyle Photography

This is where your personality shines! Some people prefer in-studio only, but most clients want at least a few lifestyle images at some fun locations. We will head to a cute coffee shop, a charming cocktail bar down the road, the gorgeous downtown courthouse, murals (painted by local Denton artists), or any other locations we may have discussed prior to our shoot. There are so many beautiful spots right outside the Denton photography studio doors, but we are not limited to Denton! I love traveling around DFW!

3. Behind The Scenes, working photos, & celebratory shots

This is what your audience wants to see! They want to see you in your element, doing what you do. If you're a realtor, we may begin in a model home or a trendy Air B&B! How about sharing a fun celebratory image when reaching a milestone, such as reaching 1000 followers! Or working on your laptop, behind the scenes at your office or storefront. During our pre-shoot planning meeting, we will discuss exactly what you are envisioning for your images and create a shot list from there.

4. Products, Detail Shots, & Tools of the Trade

The images you can post to keep your feed on-brand and keep your followers engaged with your process. It's a way to personalize your feed and never use stock images again! Think of it as you own custom arsenal of "stock" photos that are curated FOR YOU! People love seeing how you do what you do. Think about national days that you can celebrate in your business (national coffee day, donut day, etc), things you use everyday in your business (laptop, your daily planner, books that inspire you, etc), the products you sell, awards you've won, etc. This is when we can really be creative and create some scroll-stopping images that can inspire some great captions and get your followers engaged! And don't worry, prior to our shoot, we will create a prop list to keep our shoot organized and purposeful. Product-only shoots are for an entirely different post.... but we will of course include some images of you interacting with your products!

I hope this post helps give you some clarity on what types of images you are most drawn to, and gives you an idea of what you may need for your brand and business. I would love to talk about your next branding shoot!

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I can't wait to hear from you! Thanks for sticking around to the end!

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