The New Studio!

Updated: Jun 25

Hello, friends! I am excited to update everyone on the progress of the new downtown studio, and share some of my favorite little details! As you know, I moved to this wonderful new space in mid-March, and have been working hard since! I am so thrilled with the way things have come together, and it's almost surreal that this place is actually MINE! My goal has been to have a dedicated space for consultations and reveals, a room for the wardrobe and hair and makeup artist, and a nice open space for shooting sessions. There are a few finishing touches to be made, but I am excited to have been able to work in this space exactly as I have envisioned a studio for years! Here are some of my favorite things in the studio.

The Reveal Wall

There is something magical about seeing some of my favorite images up on the wall, directly across the room in my office.

About a week after a session, my client's finished images are printed, matted, and displayed on the reveal wall for them to choose from at the ordering appointment (about 15-30 images, depending on the type of session). It really is amazing to see the final product in print and displayed on the wall. But it's even more amazing watching my clients see their images for the first time!

The Natural Light and Backdrop System

I really believe it was meant to be. I originally had a lease agreement for a space exactly the same, but with no window light. Which was a bummer, but I saw a great opportunity and knew that I would make it work great with artificial light anyway.

BUT My realtor wrote in the wrong unit number on the paperwork (meaning that I was about to sign a lease for a space I had never seen, simply because he wrote the wrong number. WTH), and the space was quickly leased from under me by someone else. I was bummed, to say the least. So I thought, "what do I have to lose, I've seen a million spaces, why not check out this other unit (the one he accidentally listed), just to see." And it turns out that it had gorgeous window light, and the exact setup I had been looking for. So I signed papers, went all in, and went with my gut. Next thing I knew, I had a handyman install the backdrop system, and I've been shooting with it ever since. It's insanely convenient; the fastest backdrop change ever, and I'm super thankful for the lush natural light (coming in at camera left). <

The Tiny Chandelier

After assembling this bookcase and placing a few of my gift cards on the top shelf, I thought to myself, "something is missing, and I think it's a tiny chandelier." So I got on Amazon and solved that problem right away. It's nothing like the AMAZING chandeliers you'll find at "Miss Angeline's" (super cool cocktail lounge down the street), but it's perfect for this cute little spot on my shelf, keeping the gift cards and yummy-smelling orbies company!

The Macaroons

It's all about the details, and It really just takes something as ridiculous as a little glass case for my macarons to make me over-the-moon happy. I have always loved offering cute little treats and delicious beverages to my clients when they come for a session, and a perfect display case was exactly what I "needed." HAHA

They are really delicious, cute, and convenient. I just hop across the square to one of my favorite cafes, The Chestnut Tree, to pick up a half dozen before a shoot. They never disappoint.

The Guest Book

I appreciate any online reviews, of course. But I guess I'm a little old fashioned, and I love the hand-written notes from clients who come and experience a makeover and photo shoot at the studio! Or just pop in for a few minutes for some headshots. It's always a great time. I have just as much fun as my clients, and I'm thankful for any kind words. And you better believe I'll keep these books until the end of time!

The Wardrobe

I have so much, from itty bitty baby outfits to women's glamour! The wardrobe is always expanding. My clients love sparkly flowy dresses, flower crowns, handmade newborn outfits, and tiny baby hats. The styling is one of the most important aspects of the photo shoot, and one of my favorite parts!

Thank you for reading, and I am looking forward to sharing more with everyone soon!