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Reopening Plan - May 29

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Hi everyone, I hope you're all hanging in there and staying positive. I know the last few weeks have been stressful and unpredictable, for just about everyone. They certainly have been for us! As you might know, I invested in this beautiful new studio of my own at the very start of the pandemic in mid march. And as a single mom and business owner, w

e have definitely felt the impact of this pandemic… to say the least. But one thing remains constant, and that’s the hope that things will get back to normal (ish) soon. And as they do, I want each of my clients to know that I am taking every single precaution possible, and putting the safety of my clients and my family first.

I want to outline the steps that will be taken during our time together.

1. Limited sessions

Upon reopening the studio doors this weekend, I will be exclusively offering Headshots, business and personal branding sessions, and small group portraits outdoors. Newborn sessions, large group portraits, and makeover sessions will be integrated later, when it is safer to do so.

2. Online payment, and all details planned ahead of time.

Before your photo shoot, we will discuss all the details of your experience, and hold an over the phone consultation, in place of the typical in-person meeting. Payments will be conducted virtually, prior to your session.

4. Studio prepared for social distancing and safety

When you arrive at the studio, I will have the doors open, and hand sanitizer for you to use as soon as you walk in, and when you leave. There will be key and purse hooks to use, that are sanitized in between each client. I also have a spot for you to hang your face mask, conveniently placed next to the shooting area (that way you can wear your mask until we co

nduct the actual photo shoot). All equipment (such as lighting, reflectors, and backdrops) will be ready to go before you come into the studio, so that we aren’t wasting any time at all. The studio is large enough that we can maintain the safe 6-foot distance, and still be collaborating the whole time. I will be able to offer the same experience and the same results, while maintaining every possible precaution.

Thank you for being patient, and thank you for your loyalty. I can't wait to be able to welcome my clients into the new studio!

With love,


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