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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Throwback, to before I had a teenager!

While I was backing up and transferring client galleries, I found this image of my oldest daughter, Sydney! We had an amazing time doing her last "TWEEN" shoot, right before becoming a teenager, and a few months before she got her braces on.

With her officially being a teenager, I am SO happy I took the time to capture her several times during her these years. So much changes from 10-13, and they sometimes feel awkward and reluctant to be in photos (even worse, some parents don't want to photograph them professionally while they are going through these years; strange to me, but it's true). I tried to make a point to capture every stage, awkward or not. Snaggle teeth and all, it's so important to document them on their journey!

For her 13-year shoot, she wants the full experience. Hair and makeup, consultation, reveal.... HAHAHAH just like she's a real client planning her session! Love this girl so much.

If you're a parent, don't forget to document every single age, and book updated photos regularly! It's so important!

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