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The Portrait Process

Beginning with the end in mind! 

As a full-service photographer, I begin my process with the end in mind. I love working with my clients, and creating exactly the vision they have for their images. It is important for clients to understand the process, so please take time to review the three short descriptions below.

1- The Consultation

Getting to know you and understanding your needs is essential to creating the best possible results. We will have a brief consultation, where we discuss exactly what you are looking for, and go over the entire process, from what to wear, to where you will ultimately display your photos. The consultation can take place over the phone, or in person at my Denton TX studio. I love meeting in-person, as we are able to truly connect and get to know each other, but it's sometimes not a possibility, so over the phone is OK too. We will discuss any details, and narrow down a location and date for your session.

2- The Portrait Session

We will meet at our pre-determined location, and begin creating your beautiful portraits (newborn sessions take place in your home). If you have small children and are worried that they won't cooperate, won't smile, etc, please don't stress. I always do my best to make sessions super fun, relaxed, and stress-free. I only need your little one to look at me for 1/250 of a second; I think we'll be ok! Also, those bashful, silly expressions are what makes your child unique, and it's what you'll love to look back on as they grow and change. We'll be sure to capture everyone's unique personality.

After your session, the magic happens. I will creatively & thoughtfully edit your images, create your slideshow, order proofs, and design your wall galleries. We will schedule the viewing and ordering appointment, which typically takes place 1-2 weeks after your session.

3- Reveal and Ordering Appointment

The ordering appointment is when you will place your final order, and choose from your beautiful gallery of images. The consultation may take place at the studio, or in your own home. Using your home makes it easy on you and your family, and allows us to use your walls, shelves, etc. for envisioning your portraits. At this time, we will enjoy your slideshow of images, then go through your printed proofs and narrow your selections. With my help, and my portrait planning software, we will determine the exact sizes required for your space. I will be prepared with product samples and mock-ups of your photos on walls, to get a better idea of how they will ultimately be displayed.

I will place your order, quality check each item, and hand deliver to you within three weeks of your ordering appointment.

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