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Worthy Women

A portrait series inspiring, empowering and celebrating women and
their incredible stories



The Worthy Woman Portrait Series is a photography project dedicated to empowering, elevating and uniting women through portraiture & conversation. My team and I are looking for 20 women to have their own incredible portrait shoot, and share their personal story. Each participant’s portrait and bio will be featured in a gallery style event at the end of the project, and each woman will be featured in our "Worthy Woman" magazine. This project seeks to explore the multi-faceted nature of being a woman, the meaning of true beauty and authenticity, and entering new eras of life. Explore the themes of finding ourselves, overcoming struggles, aging, self-value, and celebrating women from all walks of life.

Availability Is Limited To 20 Women




You are invited to a transformative experience celebrating individuality, authentic beauty and helping women reconnect with themselves in the process.  Acknowledge your worth regardless of your appearance, age, ethnicity, or life journey. Partake in self-discovery, exploration and self-expression - celebrate your accomplishments, triumphs and vulnerabilities. We believe in beauty that is not based on youth & perfection but rather beauty that is real, raw and honest. Beauty that speaks to courage to be yourself and to your unique self. You have permission to love yourself more, to celebrate who you are and how far you have come. You have permission to make more time for yourself, to listen to your inner voice more, to receive kindness, to feel seen, heard & valued.

Let's discuss how you want to be seen, how you want to be photographed. Sexy & sassy, professional & powerful, a combination of looks.... you are multi-faceted, and this is your time to shine. You will have access to our incredible hair & makeup team, and assistance on wardrobe selection & set styles prior to our shoot.

Not Your Average Photo Shoot!


Why Do This?​

  • Celebrate a milestone, birthday, or accomplishment.

  • Honor your story & embrace your authentic self

  • Partake in an experience of purpose & connection with others 

  • Re-connect with who you are, or aspire to be.

  • Take a day to invest in yourself & give yourself the time & attention you deserve, so you can be the best version of yourself to those around you. 

  • Have your own magazine-cover of our Worthy Woman magazine!

  • Take part in a transformative and engaging process that will leave you with much more than a static, pretty photo

  • Set an example for your children. Show them that it's OK -  and necessary - to take time for your self, and that you are your own person regardless of the many roles you hold. And give them beautiful portraits of YOU that they can keep.

  • You have gone through a major life event (divorce, cancer, significant loss) and want to honor your resilience and strength, and stepping into a new era.

  • Celebrate your personal or professional growth

  • Help shift the narrative from self-doubt and criticism to one of being enough

  • Create and own a portrait that celebrates individuality rather than ignites comparison.

  • You are pregnant, and want to honor this amazing & fleeting journey.

  • Experience a fun photo shoot day with your friends, sister, daughter, spouse etc. Make it a day that you'll always remember, and have amazing photos to document it!

  • You just want to feel like a badass, and have fun!

Why The Term "Worthy Woman?"


As a photographer, I have heard all the excuses we make to avoid getting in front of the camera. I've also never had a single woman in front of my camera who hasn't been critical of herself in some way. I've heard it all! 

"I need to lose weight, then I'll book a shoot"

"Make sure you edit my _________ (insert body part)!"

"I'm too old to do a shoot like that" 

"Those women look like models, I could never look like that."

We all have insecurities, I get it, I struggle with these thoughts too. But I also know how incredible an empowering photo shoot experience can be for any woman, no matter their age, weight, ethnicity, background, marital status, parental status, etc.  I see women transform from shy & uncertain, to radiating confidence, right in front of my camera! I see them step into their power, and unapologetically own their boldness, take up space, and begin to embody the woman they have envisioned becoming. I know the potential of an empowering photo shoot experience, and I want every woman to experience it! The women I photograph are not models. They are everyday women who are ready to celebrate and invest in themselves, and who trust my team and I to take their hand and guide them through the process. We will discuss your favorite features, your least favorite features, flatter the things you love, and hide things that you don't want to showcase as much.  We're all on our own journey of true self-acceptance & self-love. 


Let me tell you... You are WORTHY of having this experience, WORTHY of owning beautiful portraits of yourself, and WORTHY of taking the time and space to be celebrated! With professional hair and makeup (full glam, or super natural), wardrobe styling, gorgeous lighting, and posing that flatters your body in the best way... you'll be looking and feeling your best.


IMG_2916-Edit-Edit copy.jpg

Hi! I'm Kayle!

Photographing women was a no-brainer for me, especially when I realized the impact I could make for others who might relate to my journey. I carried self-destructive thought patterns and limiting beliefs from my past that no longer served me. I had low self-esteem, body image issues, and truly no voice for the longest time, and didn't understand my worth. I suffered from feeling inadequate, while also knowing I had so much to offer this world if I could just overcome the things holding me back.

Now, after a long (and ongoing) journey of healing, soul work, and truly finding my own self-value... I'm stronger, less apologetic, I don't live life to please others... and I'm closer to knowing my purpose on this beautiful planet. I know I'm meant to give people a safe space be seen and heard, and to be part of their journey of healing and growth. I want women to feel beautiful and empowered through their own portrait experience, and truly see themselves the way they are ready to show up in the world. You are WORTHY of experiencing your highest potential. 

I would be honored to share this experience with you!

What's Included, and How Much?

I want every woman to be able to join me on this journey. For that reason this experience is being offered at special rate of $550. This includes full styling by our team, wardrobe assistance, a full shoot, and 3 images of your choice (both digital and print). You can opt for your favorite 3 images, or upgrade to a full album or digital collection.

Each fabulous participant will have a copy of our magazine (with their own image as the cover), and will be invited to our gallery event at the end of the project. Each woman will have their portrait displayed, along with their story, at the event. It will be such a special evening! 

(as a participant, we will include a short series of questions, which may be included in the magazine, as well as social media and blog posts)



Wardrobe Styling


Your Portrait Experience:

The first step, where we plan every detail of your shoot, and talk about what to expect every step of the way.

My style guide is full of inspiration and tips on exactly what to bring! We even offer personal stylist services.

Professional Hair & Makeup


One of my very talented hair and makeup artists will pamper you, while you sit back and relax!



Refreshments and treats are available during your makeover and shoot. 

Guided Photo shoot


You will be looking and feeling amazing! I will guide you through every pose and setup. I promise to make it a FUN experience!

Portrait Reveal


About two weeks later, you will have the opportunity to view and purchase your favorite images, with album and portrait options to choose from.

I would love to Invite You On This Journey!!

If you are interested, or have any questions, please get in touch below, or call the studio directly. 

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